2018 World Cup: Pinnick declares war on witches, wizard

The President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amanju Pinnick has suggested an holistic approach to improving the fortunes of the Super Eagles in major competitions.

Pinnick said: “We are going to approach 2017 with realistic, tactical, practical, objective and prayerful tendencies
In an interview with Sportpage Nigeria, Pinnick was of the opinion that the Glass House amongst other things would be more prayerful to battle the ‘spiritual forces’ against the NFF.

“No doubt, there are loads of Spiritual forces against the NFF and its programmes so prayers conquer and answereth all,” he  stated.

Pinnick also said the NFF would ensure that  Programmes and tournaments are going to be worked on the feasibility study of the  NFF’s economic or financial standing.

The President also intends to apply tactics in solving perceived problems and proffering solutions
On being practical, he said: “We would do what is practicable in every given situation as a panacea for positive results. We would also  isolate sentiments completely in assessing situations and plans in building opinions and taking major decisions.”

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