Nigerian musician Joy Odiete, Insist on not Having Cancer

Nigerian musician Joy Odiete, who became very famous after the release of her hit song Kuchi Kuchi, has revealed her reasons for chopping off her locks.

The singer who is also known as Jodie, used the opportunity to explain that she was not seriously sick with cancer.

she said;

“Do I look like I had this lovely hair cut for health reasons? There’s no mysterious reason embedded somewhere. Yes, a woman’s hair is said to be her pride, but sometimes we take decisions not out of influence; I honestly felt like it, so I did and I’m glad I did. “It’s very easy to manage and it involves less time to manage; it has its own peculiar beauty too. Combining it with no makeup and certain adornments give me a regal feel and I love it; my heavenly father na royalty, so I be King pikin, so no biggie”, she said with pride.

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