Ifu Ennada raises alarm after Cee-c’s fans plan to spoil her haircare business is exposed

Yesterday, the media went agog with shock after Ceec, shared a screenshot of an acid bath threat mail she received from a non-fan.

Fellow housemate, Ifu Ennada who responded to the threat called for peace between Alex and Cee-C as well as their fans amidst revealing times Alex suffered abuse from Cee-C’s fans.

Now, a similar threat has come her way, indicating that there are plans to give bad reviews to her hair products which are currently on sale.

She shared the above screenshot of a message from a concerned fan who hinted her about the evil plans being allegedly hatched by team Cee-C whatsapp group.

Ifu Ennada wrote:

No weapon fashioned against my @beautifuennada HairCare Line products will prosper.

My products were built on hardwork and with a lot of integrity. My customers can testify to how great my products are.

Yesterday night I personally blocked some evil persons who through fake accounts wrote crap about my products.

If this rumour is true, I’ll be involving my lawyer and the police to investigate any false claims against my person or anything that concerns me. And everyone involved will get what they deserve.

Instead or looking for ways to bring my brand down, I suggest you look for ways to create a brand that can help solve a problem, one that’d add value and make you unforgettable.

beautIFU Ennada is backed by God 100% and nothing, not even the devil can bring us down.

Any threats sent via my business will be taken up seriously.

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